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Not Looking to Die

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"Not Looking to Die", is the centerpiece chapter of a192-page book issued by Stoneydale Press of Stevensville, Montana, that includes 24 of Sansom's favorite stories of the many published in national magazines over the past 25 years. These stories appeared in Bugle Magazine. Others appeared in such publications as Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine, North American Hunter Magazine, and Bow hunter Magazine, where Sansom developed a following of loyal readers. In the process, his readers not only learned about the details and insights of hunting elk, whitetail deer, bear, mountain lion and mule deer, but also the adventures and misadventures of the various individuals who took to the woods with him in the quest of these big game animals..Dan Crockett, Editor of Bugle Magazine, put it this way in a testimonial he wrote for Sansom's book: These are hunting stories, and good ones. But they're also about life and death, truth and beauty, family and friends, honor and shame, striving and falling short. they venture into the gray shadows beyond black and white, places where success can be measured in far more than packages of meat and inches of horn. M.R.James,founder of Bowhunter Magazine wrote:Bill Sansom is much more than a good hunter who shares well-told outdoor adventures through his writing; he's a gifted writer who just happens to be a good hunter and outdoorsman.In "Not Looking to Die" Sansom literally recounts his life and experiences in outdoors, from the early years growing up in the rugged, forested Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana where he learned from his father-to whom he dedicated his book-not only how to hunt, but why and how he should respect the land and its wildlife. In particular, three chapters in his collection emphasized how that ethic was drilled into him by his father. In "Immigrant Elk of the Bitterroot Mountains,OL Wisdom"( a bull elk he and his father came to revere) and "Last Rites For Ranch Hill" he tells of the joy and the bittersweet memories of bad and good times gone, but never forgotten. Other stories recount the development of character in Sansom himself, and those he hunted with, including a heart-tugging recollection of a number of hunter friends who gave a young Marine, diagnosed with terminal cancer during his duty in Afghanistan and sent home to die, whose last wish was to shoot a 6X6 bull elk, before he died. Titled "Esprit De Corps" this chapter touches an incredible depth of emotions that hunters share in quests that don't always turn out the way they would like them to. Throughout the book, Sansom emphasizes the strength of family and the roll of his father, himself and others in passing on the traditions of hunting from one generation to the next. In chapters titled "The Lessons Best Learned" & "Growing a Hunter", he literally bares his heart in the pursuit of this theme. In his Introduction to the book he writes "my dad was a great story teller, himself, and I listened to his stories about hunting and chasing wild horses, and rodeos, and growing up, until I fell asleep snuggled against him in a big stuffed chair." This book will be enjoyed by Military and Law enforcement veterans, as well as anyone, young or old. who have experienced hunting and the outdoor life. Limited personally autographed books, directly from Bill Sansom, are available. Read more RKV-12.NotLookingDie

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