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YellowMaps Southern California Sheet No 1 CA topo map, 1:250000 Scale, 1 X 2 Degree, Historical, 1904, Updated 1907, 20 x 32.1 in

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USGS topographic map of Southern California Sheet No 1, California, dated 1904, updated 1907. Includes geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), lines of elevation, bodies of water, roads, and more. This topo quad is suitable for recreational, outdoor uses, office applications, or wall map framing.

  • Product Number: USGS-5688556
  • Map Size: 20 inches high × 32.1 inches wide
  • Map Scale: 1:250000
  • Map Type: POD USGS Topographic Map
  • Map Series: HTMC
  • Map Version: Historical
  • Cell ID: 396058
  • Scan ID: 299899
  • Imprint Year: 1907
  • Survey Year: 1900
  • Datum: Unstated
  • Map Projection: Unstated
  • Map published by United States Geological Survey
  • Map Language: English
  • Scanner Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Map Cell Name: Southern California Sheet No. 1
  • Grid size: 1 × 2 Degree
  • Date on map: 1904
  • Geographical region: California, United States
  • Northern map edge Latitude: 34.5°
  • Southern map edge Latitude: 33.5°
  • Western map edge Longitude: -118.5°
  • Eastern map edge Longitude: -116.5°
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  • Printed on Regular Paper (32lb)
  • USGS topographic map of Southern California Sheet No 1, CA, at 1:250000 scale. High-quality paper print. Perfect for wall maps.
  • Cities, towns, villages: Grapeland (historical),Carthay Circle,Patton,Terra Cotta,Laguna Hills,West Rancho Dominguez,Moreno Knolls,Arrowhead,Newport Beach,La Cresta,Ennis,Galivan,Lynwood Gardens,Trousdale Estates,Azusa,Taylor Junction,New Chinatown,Culver Junction,Monrovia,Almond,Rimrock,Beverly Hills,Santa Fe Springs,Holton (historical),Edgemont,Santa Rosa West,Bartolo,Norco,Sunset Beach,Mount Baldy,Crestline,Good Meadow,Lakeland Village,Bay Shores,Arcadia,Naud Junction,Oleo (historical)
  • Rivers, creeks: Fredalba Creek,Mission Creek,Encino Creek,Cox Creek,West Branch Hathaway Creek,Watkins Creek,Josephine Creek,Alder Creek,Fox Creek,Gypsum Creek,Aliso Creek,Big Tujunga Creek,Bedford Wash,Snow Creek,Frog Creek,Grapevine Creek,Trail Fork,Cienaga Seca Creek,Deer Park Branch,Deer Creek,Slide Creek,Luguna Channel,Oak Cove Creek,Arroyo San Miguel,West Fork Barton Creek,Dart Creek,Deep Creek,Fuller Mill Creek,Bear Creek,Plunge Creek,Ramon Wash,Santa Ana Wash
  • Lakes: Harbor Lake,Del Rey Lagoon,Colorado Lagoon,The Tarn,Swan Lake,Dry Lake,Lake Gregory,Deep Creek Lake,Jackson Lake,Lake Evans,Hidden Lake,Little Lake (historical),Lost Lake,Lee Lake,Laguna Lake,Means Lake,Lake Norconian,Hog Lake,Morongo Lakes,Ballona Lagoon,Moon Lake,Toluca Lake,Bouton Lake,Redwing Lake,Lake Elsinore,Baldwin Lake,Jenks Lake

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