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Botswana & Zimbabwe Travel Reference Map 1:1,5M/1:1,1M (International Travel Maps) 2010

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5th Edition, 2010 This is the fifth time that we have updated and re-issued our travel map of Botswana. Updating is necessary, not only to record new information, but to keep the artwork compliant with current software. As computers become more refined, we are able to finesse maps more readily to make things more readable or to add new features. We visited Botswana about two years ago, and I have fond memories of a Bushman encampment near Maun, dancing with an extremely short lady with an enormous bottom, of almost running out of petrol because the station at Ghanzi was dry, and of a majestic male kudu antelope crashing out of the bush onto the roadway mere seconds before we were to cross that same patch of land. The animal leaped into the air and disappeared somewhere on the other side of the track. This all happened in an instance, but is one of the reasons Africa is so enjoyable. The other change to this map is that we have added Zimbabwe to the reverse side, to make the map more useful to users combining a trip to Botswana with a visit to ravaged Zimbabwe. We will continue to sell our map of Zimbabwe as a separate title.

  • A double-sided road map of Botswana and Zimbabwe to plan your trip, to prepare your itinerary, and to travel independently in the different regions of these Southern African countries.
  • Inset maps of Gaberone, Harare, Bulawayo, and Victoria Fall. The legend is in English. Touristic information: international and national airports, post offices, gas stations, hospitals, points of interests, mines, streams, museums, national parks, campsites or huts, ruins.

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