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2nd Confederate Flag (1863–1865): A Self Adhesive Vinyl Decal

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2nd Confederate Flag (1863–1865): A Self Adhesive Vinyl Decal

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2nd Confederate Flag: Self-Adhesive Vinyl Decals
This CSA flag is also known as the Stainless Banner, and it was based upon the Confederate Army's battle flag upon a white field (specifically it set the St. Andrew's Cross of stars in the Union Jack with the rest of the civilian banner entirely white).

The first official use of the Stainless Banner was to drape the coffin of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson as it lay in state in the Virginia capitol, May 12, 1863. It lasted until the adoption of the third national flag (also called the Blood Stained Banner), March 4, 1865.

The second national flag was also adapted as the second and final naval ensign. This particular battle ensign was the only example taken around the world, finally becoming the last Confederate flag lowered in the Civil War; this happened aboard CSS Shenandoah in Liverpool, England on November 7, 1865.

Flag-It brand decals are printed on waterproof, laminated, durable vinyl stock with UV (ultra-violet) blocking inks. These flag decals are manufactured with non-permanent adhesives for easy removal making them great for cars, travel trailers, boats, motor homes, trucks, and motorcycles. Unless otherwise noted the decals are 5"×3½".


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