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Affordable Paradise: The Secrets of an Affordable Life in Hawaii

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Review Fantastic book and a great help!, April 30, 2009I just finished reading this book through a second time. My wife and I are in the process of making our move. We purchased the book two years ago and it has been a tremendous help in all phases of contemplation, planning and preparation. The book includes a very helpful section dedicated to acquainting you with island culture and helping you feel whether or not you will fit in and ultimately find what you are looking for. We are grateful to the author for sharing his rich experience and enriching our lives in a very meaningful way. --Traveler (Collegedale, TN)Great book, be sure to check which edition you're buying though., July 22, 2005I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I wish there were a version of it for every city or area I wanted to move to, Hawaii or not, very informative and entertaining for what it sets out to do. It's not an all-inclusive everything-for-everyone book, it's like having someone show you their life on the big island and having them share everything they like or don't like, more of a "what it's like to really live here" approach that includes the cost of groceries and how people drive. One real view is more valuable to me than some blanket approach even if it's less comprehensive, I can get a tourist map anywhere. Be sure to check which version of the book you're buying if you purchase used, though, the real estate scene has changed a great deal since the first edition and if you don't at least check his website for updates, you'll be sorely disappointed when you check real estate prices. --That One Guy (Santa Fe, NM)This book was very helpful, August 3, 2007This book has a lot of practical information and advice for people who think that Island living is as simple as just moving there. The author suggests many ways to make the move easier, cheaper and less stressful. He stresses the importance of assimilating to the island culture, rather than bringing mainland sensibilities with you. The author has a blog which is a great forum to share ideas and ask specific questions. Read this book and learn what it means to "Live Aloha" --S. Hansen "a fan of a book and greater scotch" (Canmore, Alberta Canada) Read more From the Publisher The first two editions of this book focused on affordable living in Hawaii. This new expanded Third Edition does it again, with new info on surviving the recent housing price increases. In addition, now revealed is an aspect of living in Hawaii that is so important that it may seriously effect the lives of all who callthe Aloha State their home. Read more See all Editorial Reviews RKV-30.affordableParadise

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