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Connect Horizons

Arizona Peace Trail Atlas

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The Arizona Peace Trail is an off-highway vehicle adventure like no other in the United States. The authors use over 170 pages of photographs, maps, and information about the trail to guide riders through the history of the trail, the spectacular scenery, the vast network of trails in the surrounding area, and highlight the points of interest along the trail. The atlas covers all 675 miles of the AZPT along with hundreds of more miles in side trips to points that can be accessed from the AZPT. This atlas can be used to plan day trips, weekend getaways, or week-long adventures. No matter how much time an off-highway vehicle enthusiast has to spend, the Connected Horizons Arizona Peace Trail Atlas is your guide to the ultimate off-highway adventure.

  • 3rd edition, August 2020
  • 2nd printing, February 2021
  • Spiralbound

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