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Becoming Brave: The Path to Native American Manhood - Wide World Maps & MORE!

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Becoming Brave: The Path to Native American Manhood

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Vivid photographs and detailed descriptions of weapons, clothing, and hunting tools reveal the central events and myths around which Native American men shaped their lives. These important objects recount the intertribal warfare, adolescent rites of passage, hunting and equestrian prowess, and survival skills of Native Americans in the American West. In addition to an introduction, bibliography, and index, the book recounts a war party legend, two stories involving the famous battles at Wounded Knee and Little Bighorn, and an excerpt from Black Elk Speaks. A haunting evocation of the warrior spirit, Becoming Brave will captivate and inform anyone with an interest in anthropology, early American history, or indigenous culture. Read more nsi-phx.BecomingBrave

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