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Benchmark California Road & Recreation Atlas [Used Archival Copy - Good] - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Map - Benchmark - Wide World Maps & MORE!


Benchmark California Road & Recreation Atlas [Used Archival Copy - Good]

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California deserves an atlas that matches its varied culture and scenery and Benchmark's California Road & Recreation Atlas is it. Nearly 225,000 copies have been sold since its introduction in 1998...an impressive acceptance that has made this atlas one of the most successful California map products of the last decade. Now, the new edition has improvements and refinements that will insure its continued success. Benchmark's Landscape Maps now show ground-cover detail at a very high-resolution. It s easy to see, at-a-glance, whether an area is forested, cultivated, marshland, desert, or scrubland. This feature is ideal for the person who wants to know the most about an area being visited beforehand. Along with the all-new Landscape Maps, Benchmark has extensively revised the 14-page Metro Map section. Of course, the atlas still has features people love; a complete Recreation Guide, page-to-page overlap and legendary accuracy, features that assure this atlas will continue winning accolades for many years to come.

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