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Brain Games - Picture Puzzles #1: How Many Differences Can You Find? (Volume 1)

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This is the first book in the Brain Games: Picture Puzzles series. Two or more pictures that seemingly are identical are presented on the same page, but subtle changes have been made to one of the pictures. It's up to you to find what has been altered.The book is divided into four sections of pictures puzzles, each progressively more difficult. Can t find all the changes? No problem solutions to all the puzzles are provided in the final section of the book.The book is spiral-bound and handy to use, no matter whether you are at home, on public transportation, in a long security line at the airport, or relaxing at poolside or on the beach. Take along Brain Games Picture Puzzles #1 wherever you go stimulate your mind a few minutes at a time.The Brain Games: Picture Puzzles series was developed to challenge your powers of observation and stimulate your ability to focus and concentrate. All books in the series contain unique content. Read more RKV-8.PicPuzzles

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