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Day Hikes from the River: A Guide to 75 Hikes from Camps on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park - Wide World Maps & MORE!

Vishnu Temple Press

1999 Day Hikes from the River: A Guide to 75 Hikes from Camps on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park [Used - Very Good]

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Ever wonder where Harry McDonald carved his initials on a tree during the ill fated 1889 Stanton Brown Expedition through Grand Canyon? Did you know about the hike out to the Rim at South Canyon? How about the short hike to the petroglyphs at Tanner, or the location of the water jug filling spot at Phantom Ranch? Do you know there are 3 pull-in spots to access Matkatamiba Canyon? Ever wonder what the hike to Mooney Falls in Havasu is like, or what the winter sun potential at Tuckup is like? Did you know there are some amazing narrows at 193 Mile, or what the summer shade at Parashant is like? Have you seen the Rock Art at 202 Mile, and did you know there's a water source just a few miles downriver from there? In DAY HIKES FROM THE RIVER, author, hiker and river runner Tom Martin offers river runners through Grand Canyon National Park the first text on exploring Grand Canyon National Park from the Colorado River. Besides a description of each hike, the text includes the best camps to stage the hike from. Information on winter and summer sun exposure, along with pertinent pull-in information is also provided where needed. Each hike description includes images from USGS topo maps with the hike clearly marked on the map. This book is for the river runner who wants to increase their options for activities and gain a greater appreciation of what rafting in Grand Canyon has to offer, besides running great whitewater. This guide identifies many camps that are not listed in any other guidebook. This book is intended to be used by river runners to expand their knowledge base beyond the most heavily visited attraction sites on the river. While this book includes every heavily visited site on the River, it expands river runners options to include 60 other wonderful places to visit in the most Grand of Canyons.

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