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Fish-N-Map Apache/Saguaro/Canyon Res.

$ 10.95

Fish-n-Map Co. Apache Res. / Canyon Res. / Saguaro Res. features underwater depth contours for easy structure fishing in Apache Lake, Canyon Lake, and Saguaro Lake, Arizona, USA.

Fish-n-Map Company produces bathymetric fishing maps useful to fishermen, boaters, and campers. Featuring GPS locations, these are convenient fishing maps that last!

Fish-n-Map Company's underwater topography maps are printed on a water-proof, tear-resistant plastic material for durability in the field and are folded to 9"x4". When opened, the maps are approximately 3'x2' in size and printed on both sides.

Fish-n-Map Company's maps include extensive and detailed legends that guide you through valuable information such as;
* Lake Size & Elevation
* Known Fish Species
* Underwater Bottom Conditions
* Depth Contours
* Boat Ramp Locations
* River Inlets, Feeder Creeks, & Canals
* Submerged Brush & Rock Reefs
* Longitude & Latitude Grid
* Campgrounds & Restrooms
* Lodging, Groceries, & Fuel
* RV Hook-ups, Showers, & Lodging
* Suggested Fishing Locations
* and more…

These maps will not only improve your fishing trip, but your entire outdoor experience.

Two-sided, self-cover, waterproof folded map.
Apache Lake = 1:19.2k
Canyon Lake = 1:16k
Saguaro Lake = 1:16k
Apache Lake map = NAD 1983
Canyon Lake map = NAD 1927
Saguaro Lake map = NAD 1927
GPS Locations tables = NAD 1983
Contours = 10'
Water Type = Fresh
Folded = 4" × 9"
Unfolded = 35¾" × 24"

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