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Frank Lloyd Wright's House Beautiful

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This book features the special relationship Wright had with House Beautiful magazine, a relationship that spanned six decades. In 1897, the year the magazine began, Wright developed his own concept of "The House Beautiful," in a limited edition masterpiece that detailed his theories of the ideal home. More than a century later, this book presents his concepts, alongside stunning photographs depicting the evolution of Wright's "organic architecture" style, including the Prairie style of the early 1900s, the California textile-block houses of the 1920s, his one-of-a-kind expressive designs (such as Fallingwater), and the simple Usonian houses of the 1940s and 1950s--all of which exemplified the Wrightian principles of unity, simplicity, and respect for nature. Also included are suggestions for bringing his ideas into every home, and a catalog of reproductions of Wright items available for purchase.Frank Lloyd Wright's House Beautiful is not only a treasure for any Wright fan, but a fascinating history of the architect as seen through the magazine that recognized his trailblazing talents from the beginning. RKV-96.House Beautiful

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