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Franko Maps

Franko's Maui Guide Map

$ 9.00

Printed on durable, waterproof synthetic material. Hiking, Fishing and surfing guides through the island, plus detailed maps of Kahului & airport Area, Lahaina to Kapalua detail, Lahaina twon map, Maalaea to Makena travel details.

This is THE Things to See and Do Map of Maui. With over 150 captions of the sights, scenes and must-do's of Maui, Franko's Guide Map of Maui is practically a book. Millions of people love Maui and consider it their favorite vacation spot, and this special map of Maui shows you why. Maui is truly magnificent. Franko shows you favorite snorkeling spots, where to windsurf, what beaches to visit, what scenic drives to take, and all kinds of superb information to educate you about Maui. In fact, Franko's Guide Map of Maui is so full of information that the locals also use it, to learn all about their favorite island paradise.


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