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French Phrase Book TM 30-602

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This French Phrase Book, War Department issue No. TM 30-602, was originally published for U.S. military personnel only, and its distribution was initially restricted. It was later “Regraded Unclassified.” The book contains the French words and expressions that were most likely to be needed by those serving in wartime situations. French, at the time, was spoken by more than 40 million people in France and by some 12 million in Belgium, Switzerland and in the French and Belgian colonies. In the book, all the words are written in a spelling which is to be read like English. Each letter or combination of letters is used for the sound it usually stands for in English and it ALWAYS stands for that sound. For ease of use, the Table of Contents lists the situations covered by the book. A helpful Index gives the English word, its French pronunciation, and the French spelling. Read more H-FrenchPhraseTM30-602

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