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GUN MAP: Arizona Where-To-Shoot Guide

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Imagine a map and guide showing every publicly accessible shooting facility in Arizona with a corresponding index listing the shooting range name, city, and telephone number. Imagine no more! This new map is the first map of it's kind. Don't be caught without one!

The obverse side features a map of Arizona, while the reverse features insets of Tuscon and Phoenix, the index, a sidebar "Where Can You Go Shooting on Open Land?", and information on the TrainMeAZ Campaign.

Paper, self-cover, two-sided folding map.

  • Every publicly accessible shooting range in the state mapped and indexed.
  • Main map of Arizona with inset maps of Tucson and Phoenix.
  • Information on where to go shooting on open land.
  • Information on the TrainMeAZ Campaign and its sponsors.

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