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Hanoi & Northern Vietnam Travel Reference Map 1:14,000/1:925,000

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The capital of Vietnam is one of the most interesting cities in the country. It still has a wealth of French colonial buildings and its 'old town' dates back a thousand years, with street names such as Shoe Street and Tin Street showing its commercial heart. Hanoi, as a city, is also the fulcrum of nationalistic fervor and Communist Party activity. It is also a city that is modernizing quickly, widening roads and building new housing areas all the time. For the visitor, it offers historic temples, puppet theatres, an amazing range of accommodations, and the feeling of being caught in a time warp. For this edition, we are including a full-sized regional map of the northern portion of Vietnam likely to be visited by anyone - from the Chinese border to the former Royal capital of Hue and from the Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site west to Sapa and the hill villages of non-Viet tribal groups.

  •  Two-sided, self-cover, paper folded map.

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