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Ho Chi Minh City 1:15K & Mekong Delta 1:400K- 2014

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Ho Chi Minh City 1:15K & Mekong Delta 1:400K- 2014

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Ho Chi Minh City isn't a city, but a region. Saigon still remains the name of the city portion, but political reality being what it is in VN, the regional name is always used, so we do so as well. Being the economic heartland of VN, this area has the greatest concentration of population and the highest level of prosperity in the country. This map updates a fast-changing city to reflect its changing features. With this edition, we have doubled-up the map by adding a map of the Mekong Delta to the reverse side. The 'Nine Mouths of the Dragon' southernmost portion of VN, of which HCM City is a part, is a fascinating part of Asian life, where fervent religious temples originating with the Cham culture of Cambodia co-exist with the Cao Dai amalgam religious movement. ITMB’s Mekong Delta map will continue to be marketed separately.

Map size: 27*39”

  • Ho Chi Minh City 1:15,000
  • Mekong Delta 1:400,000

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