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Lake Mead

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Lake Mead

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Fish-n-Map Lake Mead features underwater depth contours for easy structure fishing in Lake Mead, Arizona and Nevada, USA along with other underwater features perfect for fishing, boating, swimming, or camping. Fish-n-Map Company produces bathymetric fishing maps useful to fishermen, boaters, and campers. Featuring GPS locations, these are convenient fishing maps that last! Fish-n-Map Company's underwater topography maps are printed on a water-proof, tear-resistant plastic material for durability in the field and are folded to 9"x4". When opened, the maps are approximately 3'x2' in size and printed on both sides. Fish-n-Map Company's maps include extensive and detailed legends that guide you through valuable information such as;* Lake Size & Elevation * Known Fish Species * Underwater Bottom Conditions * Depth Contours * Boat Ramp Locations * River Inlets, Feeder Creeks, & Canals * Submerged Brush & Rock Reefs * Longitude & Latitude Grid * Campgrounds & Restrooms * Lodging, Groceries, & Fuel * RV Hook-ups, Showers, & Lodging * Suggested Fishing Locations * and more… These maps will not only improve your fishing trip, but your entire outdoor experience. Two-sided, self-cover, waterproof folded map. Scale = 1:53.7k Datum: * Lake Mead map = NAD 1927 * GPS Diving Spots table = NAD 1983 * GPS Locations table = NAD 1983 Contours = 60' Water Type = Fresh Size: * Folded = 4" × 9" * Unfolded = 36" × 24" 32058-

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