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Patagonia 1:2M & Tierra del Fuego 1:750,000 Travel Map (Itm) (International Travel Maps) - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Book - Brand: ITMB Publishing, Ltd. - Wide World Maps & MORE!

Brand: ITMB Publishing, Ltd.

Patagonia 1:2M & Tierra del Fuego 1:750,000 Travel Map (Itm) (International Travel Maps)

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I am very happy to see this title back in print. Argentinean Patagonia is undergoing enormous improvements to its infrastructure, as was quite evident to Lan and myself during our recent driving trip from Ushuaia to Bariloche and back. New paved roads are under construction everywhere, and every map we found is out of date. Large stretches of famed Hwy 40 have now been paved, and new cross-highways are either paved or in the process of paving all over the territory. It sure helps that the country’s president is from Santa Cruz Province! Chilean Patagonia ( or more properly the Austral) is also seeing much-needed road improvements. The Tierra del Fuego island area is also seeing massive improvements, with a new airport, cruise ship facility, and a fully-paved highway to the Chilean border. It took us quite a bit of time to add all the new information to our map, but the time was well-spent. This is a great improvement upon the previous edition; printed on paper, double-sided;

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