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Phoenix Metropolitan Full Detail ZIP Code Wall Map

$ 89.95

The Phoenix Metropolitan Full Detail ZIP Code Wall Map features the entire updated street network from Perryville Road in the west to Hawes Road in the east and from Dynamite Boulevard in the north to Germann Road in the south, with all the major (arterial), intermediate (collector), and minor (residential) streets. Insets also include Chandler and Gilbert (from Price Road to Ellsworth Road and from Pecos Road to Hunt Highway) and Mesa and Apache Junction (from Hawes Road to Mountain View Road and from McKellips Road to Baseline Road) at the same detail level.

In addition, this map has the latest ZIP codes and ZIP boundaries, city limits, and local information -- including parks, golf courses, shopping centers, fire stations, post offices, stadiums, mountain washes, et cetera. This attractive map is a must have for dispatch centers, marketing, distribution, customer service, and other office uses, and works great with highlighters, sticker dots, or graphic tape.

Paper, one-sided wall map.
Size: 76" x 54.5"


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