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Phoenix Professsional Edition - LARGE PRINT Metro Area Street Atlas (Yellow1 Series of Maps and Atlases) - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Map - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Wide World Maps & MORE!

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Phoenix Professsional Edition - LARGE PRINT Metro Area Street Atlas (Yellow1 Series of Maps and Atlases)

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The Phoenix Metropolitan Professional Edition Street Atlas is now available, and it's bigger and better than ever. This atlas has maps that are more than 60% larger scale (size) than a typical street map. Larger scale maps mean larger print for people who use street maps every day or for anyone needing a full-detail set of maps covering the entire metropolitan area that are just easier to read and easier to use. Out of the 81 standard map pages (each covering 36 square miles) Wide World of Maps found 52 pages met the criterion of needing to be enlarged for further clarity. The pages were divided into quarters (NW, NE, SW, & SE). In some cases, all have enlarged pages, while others only have two or three. Densely populated quarter-pages are enlarged onto full pages, which then follow the original page. Because of these changes, the Professional Edition is much thicker and heavier than the original Phoenix Metropolitan Standard Edition Street Atlas. As with the original "Yellow1," the Professional Edition includes a handy foldout map in the back of the book showing the entire metropolitan area, and extra map pages showing the Metro Area Zip Codes, School Districts, and Freeway/Expressway System. Special maps detailing the Arizona State University campus, Sky Harbor International Airport, downtown Scottsdale, downtown Phoenix, the Phoenix Central Corridor, Maricopa County, and the state of Arizona are also included, all with updated information. As an added bonus, the atlas includes an offer for a free CD-ROM that brings all of these maps to your computer including the comprehensive street index in an easy-to-use format.

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