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Russia's Heritage Cities 1:500,000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps) - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Map - ITMB Publishing, Ltd. - Wide World Maps & MORE!

ITMB Publishing, Ltd.

Russia's Heritage Cities 1:500,000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps)

$ 33.97

This double-sided map includes city-center maps of eight historical cities with background information and a list of places of interest for each city. The reverse side contains photos and descriptions of selected highlights; as well as a regional map with elevations shown by color changes.

The legend for the regional map locates settlements from cities to villages; roads (with distances in kilometers); railways; airports; river stations; ferries; arts and crafts centers; historical regions of towns; cottages; ancient walls and ramparts; monasteries; and other features of interest. A glossary of Russian geographic terms and authentic Russian cartography round out this fabulous product!

  • Two-sided, self-cover, paper/non-laminated folded map

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