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ITMB Publishing

Rwanda & Burundi International Travel Map

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Rwanda is the other side of the piece of paper for Burundi and is as different a country as two neighbours could hope to be. The country went through a terrible civil insurrection a few years ago, and the scars of that time will take many more years to heal. The country is lovely to see, with picturesque Kibuye nestled into a cove along beautiful Lake Kivu and towns with exotically enticing names such as Gitarama and Butare. This part of Africa is not changing rapidly, so is still relatively unspoiled by modernization. This is the beating heart of Central Africa.

Burundi, in itself, is not an 'important' country in Africa, but its central location makes it crucially important to events in surrounding countries that are much larger, such as Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. The capital, based at the northern end of Lake Tanganyika, is a sleepy town that offers travelers all the 'mod-cons' - hotels, shops, an airport, and several embassies. The countryside is dotted with quaint villages where life carries on much as it has for centuries. This is their fifth edition of Burundi; hard to believe, but that means 25,000 copies so far.

Map size: 27"×39"

  • Rwanda with Kigai inset on obverse
  • Burundi with Bujumbura inset on reverse

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