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Sedona Hikes 225 Trails & Loops

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Sedona Hikes 225 Trails and Loops has achieved several goals no other hiking book on Sedona to date has, earning it the reputation of ultimate guide to hiking Sedona. First, it lists all the official hikes, Second, inclusive in that total are for the first time ever, all the loop hikes,, Third, with this many hikes, a system. is needed to organize them so that they can be accessible and not overwhelming; Hiking expert Dennis Andres created one, the easy to use The HikeHood ApproachTM, Fourth, The HikeHood ApproachTM makes it easier to get to know an area well, not get lost and have more options to hike within a HikeHood or hike a nearby HikeHood. It is must have for anyone interested in hiking. To date, Sedona's Red Rock Country, 160,000 acre National Forest, has 165 traditional trails and 60 loop trails. Some of these trails are easily accessible, many are not. Trails also vary in length and challenge level. There are trails for all levels of ability, incredible views, fun and adventure to be had if you know where to go and how to get there safely. Dennis Andres innovative HikeHood ApproachTM breaks the hikes down into 15 HikeHoodsTM i.e. hiking neighborhoods which groups trails and loops by geographic proximity. HikeHoodsTM allow the novice to feel safe, gain confidence of an area and yet they challenge the experts to master the connecting trails and more difficult hikes. Choose: your HikeHoodTM and level of difficulty, select a hike and start hiking. The maps and photos show you what to look forward to seeing. The more you hike, the more you get to know an area and the more options you have for how to connect your trails. It keeps hiking fresh and exciting and safe. Each HikeHoodTM chapter has an easy -to-read map, clear driving and hiking directions and color photos of its most beautiful landscapes. Extra bonuses are : -Over 200 great color photos -Two indexes of the trails: one A to Z, and one, rating them by difficulty level -Loop index -Field guide identifying wildflowers, plants, animals and trail signage -Inspirational and informative essays at the end of each chapter -Inspirational quotes throughout the book -Term Glossary This book is the tool to own for Sedona hiking enthusiasts of all levels of ability! There are even a handful of paths just for those who are physically challenged and yet want to experience being in nature. This is no ordinary hiking book. Reading this book inspires Sedona lifestyle hiking and guides you to do it safely. The benefits are clear: moving in natural beauty promotes good health, good balance, longevity and well-being and fun. Note: If you are a novice we recommend starting with Dennis Andres book Sedona's Top 10 Hikes to increase your confidence and comfortability with hiking in Sedona. SAGE ADVICE FOR ALL HIKERS - To insure an enjoyable hike, please use common sense and caution, YOU ARE IN THE WILDERNESS. Select a hike appropriate to your fitness level. Make sure you are properly dressed, have sunscreen, water and food etc. Budget your time considering day light and sunset times. Invite someone along, and if not, let somebody know where you are hiking. If you start feeling tired, the weather starts to change, you run out of water, etc., turn back and try again another day. Don t veer off the trails. If you are hiking in Sedona, don t be surprised to see him on the trails, introduce yourself, he is always happy to meet fellow hikers. RKV-31.Sedona Hikes

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