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Latitude 40°

Telluride - Silverton - Ouray Colorado Trails Recreation Topo Map [Map] [Jan ...

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Latitude 40° Maps offers the most visually sophisticated recreation maps available anywhere. Focussing on the splendor of the Colorado mountains, Latitude 40's maps employ digital cartography, shaded relief, and on-the-ground ground-truthing to reveal the glory of landscape and the intricacy of route-finding.

Whether you're a wilderness hiker, a mountain bike adventurer, an equestrian explorer, or a fully-outfitted jeeper, you will find these maps the perfect, user-friendly guide to your journeys. Covering the full breadth of the most important destinations, Lat 40 maps include topographic contour lines, recommended routes, public access trail and road information, and explanatory notes. Latitude 40° prints on waterproof, tear-resistant plastic stock. These artistic documents feature double-sided maps with verbal route descriptions and route elevation/distance profiles. For each and every map, these seasoned cartographers devote countless hours consulting with local governing agencies and public interest groups to ensure accuracy. They travel the routes with GPS (Geographic Positioning System) receivers, translating the truth of the ground into the symbols of mapping.

Telluride-Silverton-Ouray Map Coverage:

  • covers 18 USGS 1:24,000 7.5-minute quad maps
  • north: 7 miles north of Ouray
  • south: 3 miles south of Lizard Head
  • east: 6 miles east of Silverton
  • west: Western boundary of Lizard Head Wilderness


  • highlighted public access trails and roads for hiking, mountain biking, OHV, and equestrians
  • Lizard Head, Mt. Sneffels, and southwest Uncompaghre Wilderness areas
  • includes all major jeep routes overpasses
  • includes Alpine Loop/Cinnamon Pass, Lizard Head/San Miguel Mtns, Mt. Sneffels/Yankee Boy Basin, Ouray area, and Telluride area
Two-sided, self-cover, waterproof folding map. 47942-2007ed

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