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The Traveler's Gun & Knife Law Book

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If you ever travel with firearms or carry a gun or knife for personal protection, you need this book. The traveler's gun & knife law book is the essential resource for travelers, hunters, and concealed-carry permit holders. Written by an attorney, the traveler's gun and knife law book explains the key laws and regualtions in plain english for each state, including off-limits locations, firearms transport and carry rules for those with and without concealed-carry permits, carring in state parks and forests, and more. For the many travelers and hunters who carry knives, each state's knife carry laws are also explained in plain english.

  • Which states recognize my permit?
  • Can I carry my gun in restaurants that serve alcohol?
  • What places are off-limits even with a permit?
  • Which states require law-enforcement notification if stopped?
  • What are my rights during a traffic stop?

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