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U.S. Rocky Mountains Travel Reference Map

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This is the latest American regional map that ITMB has published. This one covers Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and parts of Idaho, New Mexico, and Arizona. It is, of course, the southern extension of the Canadian Rockies map through ‘Blue Sky’ Montana and ‘Mile High’ Denver. This is a double-sided map concentrating on roads and road quality, parks, touristic attractions, and urban areas. We feel that the state-by-state approach to mapping the USA just doesn’t work well. With today’s infrastructure and vehicular capability, one can pass through three or four states in a normal day’s drive. There is a place for state maps (Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Texas) where size matters, but there is a real need for regionally-based maps as well. Rand is publishing an increasing number, but these are really extensions of city maps into surrounding local communities. It is a good idea, but we want to focus on the macro level, combining several states together into regional groupings, such as this one, the Deep South map that was released a couple of months ago, and the Northeast Corridor map that is coming out later this year.
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