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ITMB Publishing, Ltd.

USA Southwest

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The four southwestern American states of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah fit nicely into a region that also fits well as a map sheet while keeping the scale reasonable for showing detail. I will hasten to add that the northern portions of California and Nevada are not included, as this would have reduced the scale considerably, so please regard this as state areas south of Sacramento and Sparks/Reno. Regardless, this is a very interesting part of the USA, and a popular touristic destination. We have used a thinner paper on this edition, making the map easier to fold and hopefully easier to use. Motorways, major highways, connecting roads, significant local roads are shown in good detail, as are wilderness campsites, touristic attractions, and accommodations away from major urban areas. This is a regional map and very useful for those planning an extensive trip. ITMB also publishes state maps of California, Arizona, and Utah in expanded scales for those wishing improved details of somewhat smaller geographic entities.

  • Two-sided, self-cover folded map

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