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Utah Road & Recreation Atlas (Sixth Edition, Revised)

$ 22.95

Your atlas features highways of the Western U.S.A. and Utah, recreation and public lands detail, landscape maps with the highest detail thanks to our team of expert field-checkers, and an index of counties, cities, parks, mountains, lakes, and rivers.

In 1995, three respected mapping firms collaborated on a vision they shared for a new line of state road atlases with unequaled accuracy and an entirely new kind of presentation. The result was Benchmark Maps: a partnership which has produced and sold over a million maps and atlases to discriminating map users from all over the world. Our thorough field-checking efforts were applied to this new revised Utah Road and Recreation Atlas. According to our own Ryan Lewelling, "If there's a trailhead, we've been there. If there's a gate, we've crossed it. Campgrounds are all there and in the right spot. We spend the extra time making sure our users don't have to second guess their surroundings."


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