R.I.P. Robert Molner, founder of Wide World of Maps, Inc.
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Brand: Unique Media

World Folded Map Unique Media

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This Unique Media Map is entirely hand-drawn and painted in a watercolour technique to create an original and sophisticated landscape graphic. Unique Media Inc. originated this novel style of three-dimensional mapping. It is a fresh innovation on the fascinating and centuries old art form of bird's-eye-view pictorial maps. The artistic illustration style coupled with the special interpretation of scale gives a real feeling for the layout and beauty of urban and natural environments. Whether applied to continental landmasses or to a city block, the Unique Media Perspective helps you visualize both the individual landmarks and overall landscape of the area. The geography comes alive and gives you a clear sense of orientation. Add to this the interesting, objective text and handy format and you have a reference that you can use time and time again. 41498

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