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World Ocean Floor Raised Relief

$ 98.75

This raised relief three-dimensional topographic map of the world features the physical features of both the continents and the ocean floor based on research and exploration initiated and supported by the United States Navy Office of Naval Research. It clearly shows the undersea terrain as no other raised relief map does.

Hubbard Scientific is the largest manufacturer of Raised Relief Maps in the United States. They begin with a flat map printed on sturdy vinyl. They then construct a terrain model using digital elevation data from the USGS and other sources. The vinyl map is carefully registered with the terrain mold. Once the registration of the map is complete, it is vacuum formed over the terrain model. The result is a truly exceptional visual and tactile reference. You will be proud to display one of these raised relief maps in any setting.

Size = 39" x 23"

  • Physical map of the world's landmasses & ocean floors.
  • Raised relief of all mountain ranges and ocean trenches.
  • All elevations & depth are in meters.

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