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100 of the World's Most Beautiful Paintings [Paperback] R.T.V. Sales

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Within the pages of this book you will view one of the most remarkable and bautiful collections of great art treasures ever assembled..100 of the most beautiful paintings by 100 of the greatest painters who ever lived. You will have the opportunity to view the most famous paintings now hanging in the Louvre in Paris. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and many, many world famous museums and galleries. Each painting in this collection was chosen as one of the most perfect representations of each great master's work. Each full color masterpiece has been accompanied by an explanation of the paintin an information about the artists, helping you to a fresh understanding of the artist's intention and a greater appreciation of his achievement. It is the purpose of this collection to give you a brief history of art from the Early Renaissance to the present and to give you a "grand tour" of the greatest art galleries in the world. RKV-21.100paintings

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