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Book Narvik 1940 edition from private library with a dedicatory inscription of the 3rd Reich. Author Fritz Otto Busch, German naval officer, translator and writer, a direct participant in hostilities. The book is in great collector's condition. All pages (408 pages) in place without losses. The book is illustrated with many original wartime photographs. Printed in Germany in 1940. The book is also dedicated to the captain of the sdgs-see Friedrich Bonte, who was put in charge of the 1st battle group of the Navy (10 destroyers, flagship, destroyer "Wilhelm Heidkamp"), which carried out operations in the area of Narvik. Joining the battle with the Norwegian and the English Navy, the battle group bonthe sank Norwegian coastal defense battleships "Eidsvold" and "Norg", as well as the English flagship, the destroyer "hunter". Bonte was killed in battle with the flagship. 17.10.1940 posthumously awarded the Knight's cross of the Iron cross. Battle of Narvik — a series of battles between the German army and Navy on one side and the coalition forces of England, France, Norway and Poland with Germany. The battle of Narvik lasted from 9 April to 8 June 1940. The battle is divided into the Maritime phase of the operation, which took place in the waters of Ofotfjord (another common name — the "Narvik fjord"), and part of the ground, where the clashes was near the city of Narvik and the adjacent Norwegian rock massif. Read more RKV-44.Narvik

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