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Bomb Jokes @ Airports and 186 Other Things You'd Better Not Say: The Not-So-Funny Guide to the Threa - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Book - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Wide World Maps & MORE!

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Bomb Jokes @ Airports and 186 Other Things You'd Better Not Say: The Not-So-Funny Guide to the Threa

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Words... or Consequences
The surprising main enemy of free speech is you.

Yes, you can say anything, even in America. It all comes down to the repercussions for your words. Some things are just flat-out wrong: “Wow — look how fat you got!” or maybe, “Here are tomorrow’s top-secret troop movements,” and of course the classic, “Fire!” when there isn’t any.

But the ugly truth is that speech is being crushed in every direction. You can be ruined just for saying: “Are you married?” during a job interview; “Vote for John,” before an election; “Apartment for rent with picture-windows and walk-in closet,” and even something as innocent as, “Guns are good.” Some words will get you into hot water, or fired, or cost you big bucks. Others can get you killed.

It gets worse -- and you’re going to support some of the bans described in Bomb Jokes at Airports. Someone has to say it — banning speech can be a good thing! And lots of people exercise power to do it. Now that even jokes can get you arrested, fired or sued — speech is in real danger. Learn who leads the charge, and how they control your tongue.

“It’s a free country and I can say what I want.” Nope, not any more, and we’re all to blame. From political correctness to federal law, social pressure to financial ruin, dark forces are working to muzzle you, the media, schools, workers, your company, and soon, the Internet.

Yes there’s hope — by learning more, you can fight back. Learn about the federal laws that can put the muzzlers in prison. And you’ll have a laugh or three when you see just how ridiculous some of this has gotten. Americans — heed this wake-up call. Get and read Bomb Jokes at Airports.

  • This is author Alan Korwin's 12th book, and his first on First Amendment issues.

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