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What Is Freedom? Is It for You? (25 Ideas That Will Change the Way You See America!) - Wide World Maps & MORE!

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What Is Freedom? Is It for You? (25 Ideas That Will Change the Way You See America!)

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Freedom can only be maintained by a people who are vigilant and courageous. We are endowed with the birthright of freedom, and we are the ultimate check on any infringements. The battle to preserve a free society has always been a cultural battle, and we must reignite liberty in the hearts and minds of every American. As you read What is Freedom? Is it for You?, you will experience 25 ideas that will change the way you see America. Full of entertaining object lessons, incisive analysis, and invigorating discussion questions, this is the toolbox of America. Our love of liberty must facilitate intense vigor around the dinner table, at neighborhood gatherings, in our schools, at political meetings, and at our community events. The time is now to change the dynamic of the conversation in America. Shane Krauser is a widely sought-after speaker throughout the United States, the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, an adjunct professor of constitutional law, a radio talk show, and an experienced trial attorney. He has written and lectured extensively on the principles of freedom and the Constitution and has been called by many “the best instructor of the Constitution in the country.”

  • Paperback
  • 207 pages

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