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US/Mexico Border Travel Reference Map 1:1,390,000

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We are pleased to now be able to offer a map covering both sides of the important American/Mexican border areas. One has to always keep in mind that borders are artificial constraints dividing people into categories Canadians on this side of the fence, Mexicans on that but the reality of American life is that these political boundaries have to be very porous to enable trade and free movement of people who are closely related to each other. Of course, there are always cross-border frictions, but they are always solvable. This is not just a map showing the border. Of course, it does that, as does our US/Canadian Border map. This map extends well into both the USA and Mexico to show the best of what each country has to offer within a reasonable driving distance. For instance, the US side extends north from San Diego all the way to Las Vegas eastward to Flagstaff, San Antonio, and Houston, showing touristic attractions across this vast area of America. Yes, the map shows the border and its many legal crossing points and no, this map won't help people to enter the USA illegally. The Mexican side shows well-known and attractive venues such as Monterrey, Ciudad Victoria, Torreon, and Chihuahua, as well as the northern portion of Baja California. The famous Copper Canyon railway route from Los Mochis to Cuauhtemoc is shown as is the oldest urban area settled by Europeans in the USA and no, it isn't Jamestown, It is Presidio, Texas! This is a map for exploring, and whether that means in an east-west routing inside one country, or a north-south inter-mingling remains the purview of the user. Mexico is a lovely country just recovering from an extremely troubling drug-inspired war. Travel to Mexico is increasing as peace returns to a troubled land and this map makes it possible to enjoy the best of two countries.

  •  Two-sided, self-cover, paper/non-laminated folded map.

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