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64mm Magnabrite® Light Gathering Magnifier

$ 29.95
Bring your world into focus with the original Magnabrite® Light Gathering Magnifier! Magnabrite has been helping people like you see clearer & brighter since 1950. The pre-focused Magnabrite glides effortlessly over most any surface & provides 4x magnification to relieve eyestrain. You will never again be forced to squint while reading fine print in books, newspapers, or on medicine bottles. Magnabrite also resists scratching with it's concave base; reducing the risk of damaging the lens. The original Magnabrite is made of solid optical grade acrylic that intensifies the light that passes through. Unlike other magnifiers, Magnabrite doesn't require batteries or bulbs for precision performance & there is no frame to get in the way for easier viewing. Each magnifier comes with a velvet double drawstring pouch that can easily be carried in your purse, carry on luggage, beach bag, back pack, or briefcase. Magnabrite is available in different sizes, providing many different applications for use anytime you want to see clearly. Uses include: viewing stamps, coins, phone books, newspapers, maps, crafts, photos, models, magazines, etc. The Magnabrite also makes a great visual aid for your workplace. The magnifier has an "infinite eyepoint" which means easy viewing from nearly every angle for the same clarity & focus every time. Best of all, several people can view a subject at the same time. Any industry can benefit from the light gathering magnifier...photography, printing, graphic arts, the stock market, architecture (blue prints), medical, & more! Other companies have tried to imitate the original Magnabrite, but don't be fooled. The other "look alike" magnifiers are hollow molded plastic & do not offer the same quality or features as the Magnabrite. Buy your original Magnabrite today! Size: 2.5” diameter 41998

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