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United States Department of Agriculture

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, Colorado

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Arapaho National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in the U.S. state of Colorado. The facility is managed jointly with the Roosevelt National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from the United States Forest Service office in Fort Collins, Colorado. The combined facility of 1.5 million acres (6,000 km?) is denoted as ARP by the Forest Service. The forest is located in the Rocky Mountains, straddling the continental divide in the Front Range west of Denver. It was established on July 1, 1908, by President Theodore Roosevelt and named for the Arapaho tribe of Native Americans who previously inhabited the Colorado Eastern Plains. The forest includes part of the high Rockies and river valleys in the upper watershed of the Colorado River and South Platte River.

The Roosevelt National Forest was named in honor of Theodore Roosevelt, the person most responsible for creating the National Forest System as we know it today. Originally part of the Medicine Bow Forest Reserve established in 1897, this public land became the Colorado National Forest in 1910. President Herbert Hoover renamed it Roosevelt National Forest in 1932. Today, the Roosevelt is administered jointly as part of the 1.3-million-acre Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests. Topography on the Roosevelt National Forest varies from rolling foothills to snow-covered peaks, to deep scenic canyons.

  • Year - 2012
  • Scale - 1/2" to the Mile
  • Topo Lines - No
  • Plastic
  • Region 2
  • Two-sided, self-cover folded map
  • Product Details
    • Product Number: 111650
    • Series: CO-10
    • Scale: 1:126,720
    • Alternate ID: CO-10
    • ISBN: 978-1-59351-145-6
    • Version Date: 01/01/2012
    • Regions: CO
    • Countries: USA
    • Media: Plastic
    • Format: Folded
  • Additional Details
    • Description: Arapaho National Forest, Roosevelt National Forest, and Pawnee National Grassland
    • Survey Date: 2012
    • Print Date: 2012
    • Height In Inches: 36.000
    • Length In Inches: 40.000
    • Boundary Type: Political Unit
    • Two Sided: Yes
    • Pieces: 1
    • Languages: English

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