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Avengers West Coast #56 : Darker Than Scarlet (Marvel Comics)

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Avengers West Coast #56 : Darker Than Scarlet (Marvel Comics)

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In "Darker Than Scarlet" the Scarlet Witch's powers are first revealed to not just affect probability, but actually warp reality. Scarlet Witch continues to take down her former teammates who failed to save her late husband, The Vision. Her father, Magneto, and brother, Quicksilver, join her and plan to conquer the world. "Reunion" takes place during the Atlantis Attacks event and features the first post-war meeting of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Human Torch (Jim Hammond). Features a one-page comic strip where John Byrne apologizes for Tigra's use in the Atlantis Attacks event, stating that he forgot she was involved in a sub-plot that should have kept her out of the event.

  • 3 stories in one! "Darker Than Scarlet", "Reunion", and "And Now... Here's That Important Announcement We Promised You Back on Page Six...*"
  • Atlantis Attacks Tie-In!

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