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Be Expert with Map & Compass Book

$ 19.95

Orient yourself with the help of Silva's Be Expert with Map & Compass Book. Silva knows the realm of orientation skills, so let them lend you a hand with one of the most useful outdoor skills.

PRODUCT FEATURES: The classic map and compass navigation guide -- revised for the age of the GPS

GPS devices are great, but they can break, get lost, or easily be hampered by weather conditions, making basic map and compass skills essential for anyone who spends time outdoors Now updated to include information on GPS as well as current Web sites, references, sources, and photographs It remains the book of choice for professional outdoorsmen, novice orienteers, and outdoor organizations as well as teachers, scout leaders, recreational hikers, hunters, and others around the world

  • Author: Bjorn Kjellstrom & Carina Kjellstrom Elgin
  • ISBN: 9780470407653
  • Explains basic map and compass skills clearly
  • Fully updated edition, including information on GPS
  • Includes up-to-date Web site addresses, references, and sources
  • Features a fresh, rugged design
  • The ideal book for beginners
  • Paperback, 247 pages with fold-out map
  • 43539

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