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California, Northern Edition: Gold & Gems 5 Maps Then & Now

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California: Northern Edition (Gold & Gems Maps: Then and Now) is a comprehensive collection to assist the rockhound in locating 40 gem sites. The source of information has been taken from numerous publications. All known types of rock and gem deposits could not be included because of the numerous types and locations would be overwhelming. Some of the reported gold and gold districts are included as far back as 1850. Rock and gem collecting in California is virtually unlimited as illustrated by the key symbols on each USGS map section. A few counties that host exciting deposits are as follows: Siskiyou, Trinity, Tehama, and Plumas. The early maps included in this publication were located in various archival collections. The primary sources were the National Archives and the California State Library. The U.S. Geological Survey supplied the featured modern map. The design is planimetric for clarity.

Fascinating series of 5 maps showing gold and gem locations around Northern California, as well as historical maps with settlements. The first map shows gems and minerals in the northwest, and the historic gold region in 1851. The second map shows gold and gems in the northeast part of northern California, and the Feather and Yuba Rivers. The third map shows gold and gems in the southwest part of Northern California, and the mining districts in 1850. The fourth map shows gold and gems in the southeastern part of the Northern California, and miscellaneous district information. The fifth map shows the Mother Lode mineral belt and mineral districts.

  • Enveloped set of five two-sided, paper/non-laminated folded maps


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