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Dino's Quiz Map of the Solar System

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Dino's Quiz Map of the Solar System features 54 questions and answers! Dino‘s quiz maps are our standard maps with a slightly reduced size and an added 3-sided frame. The frame contains individual illustrations from the map with accompanying questions and answers. This allows children to interactively check their knowledge and learn lots of new information in a fun and simple way.

The Children’s Map of the Solar System is an exceptionally informative, fun, and colourful map excellent for young astronomers and astronauts eager to learn about the world beyond ours. The map gives a concise and informative representation of how the whole system of planets moves in the universe. It presents all the system‘s planets including their dimensions and other relevant information as well as the asteroid belt and small celestial bodies – meteors, comets, and asteroids. It explains the origin of the eclipse, what light years are, and how the influence of the sun works. The map features 75 of the most famous spacecrafts launched in the history of space exploration, as well as a number of phenomena related to the Earth and the Solar System, all displayed with colourful illustrations. The map also features an illustrated history of the Solar System, designed as a comic strip. Special features are the additional illustrations that help educate children through a mix of fiction and non-fiction.

Size: 137x97cm / 53.9x38.2in
Available In: English


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