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Glendale, Arizona

$ 4.95

This map is a great resource for visitors and new residents of Glendale, Arizona. This two-sided map provides full street detail mapping, a complete street index, and a table of Glendale Important Phone Numbers. As an added bonus, an inset map is included of the greater Glendale Area.

The maps include green parks & golf courses, desert parks, major institutions & shopping centers, cemeteries, dry river channels, lakes, major canals, mountains, block numbers, hospitals, interstate highways, US highways, state highways, post offices, libraries, municipal buildings, county buildings, high schools, elementary & junior high schools, and fire stations.

Paper, self-cover, two-sided folded map.
Folded = 3-3/4" x 9-1/4"
Unfolded = 22-1/2" x 27-3/4"

  • Full street detail mapping
  • Complete street index
  • Table of Glendale Important Phone Numbers
  • Area map inset showing the region around Glendale

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