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Golden Bible Atlas - Wide World Maps & MORE!

Wide World Maps & MORE!

Golden Bible Atlas

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From the rear cover of this 97 page book: "This attractive book is both an atlas and a picture-history of the Holy Land and its environs. Many photographs of actual places mentioned in the Bible illustrate the scholarly account - ancient palaces, the wilderness near Mt. Sinai, scenes from Jerusalem, Nazareth, and the Jordan Valley. Author Samuel Terrien has lived in the Holy Land and studied archaeology at the French School in Jerusalem. Dr. Terrien writes of the Hebrews' migration from the Tigris-Euphrates valley, of their bondage in Egypt, and of the founding of Israel and the kingdoms of David and Solomon. The narrative continues with the Babylonian captivity, the Greek invasion of Palestine, the Roman occupation during Jesus' lifetime and on up into the present times. Artist William Bolin has supplied brilliant color pictures of Solomon's temple restored, the treasures of the pharaohs, Assyrian warriors and the fabulous hanging gardens of Babylon. The full-color maps of all places cited in the Old and New Testaments are made by Surfax, the new process that renders with three-dimensional effect accurate details of physical features. The Golden Bible Atlas makes a fascinating gift of individual readers and is the perfect companion to Bible instruction in church or study groups nsi-GoldenBibleAtlas(used)

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