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G.M. Johnson

Greece, Hungary & Adriatic Coast Dry Erase Laminated

$ 29.95

G. M. Johnson Maps Greece, Hungary, & Adriatic Coast Dry Erase Laminated map coverage area includes Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia; enlargements of Athens (Athina, Aohna), Budapest, Belgrade (Beograd), and Zagreb; and including the islands of Crete (Kriti, Kreta), Cyprus, other Greece Islands, and the Adriatic Coast.

The map is encapsulated in heavy-duty 1.7 mil laminate which makes the paper much more durable and resistant to the swelling and shrinking caused by changes in humidity. Laminated maps can be framed without the need for glass, so the frames can be much lighter and less expensive. Dry-Erase Lamination is a specialty laminate that allows for dry-erase markers to be used on the finished print and erased as desired.

  • Dry-erase laminated paper, two-sided map.
  • Publisher: GM Johnson
  • Author: Freytag-Berndt
  • Size: 27"×39"
  • Finish Size: 4"×9"
  • ISBN Code: 978-1-77449-084-6
  • UPC Code: 7-76428-02021-9
  • Copyright: 2021
  • Scale: 1.25m

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