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Groo the Wanderer #1

$ 15.00
The first issue from Marvel Comic's Epic line serves as an introduction to the character for those unfamiliar with him from previous publishers. It also features the first appearances of the recurring characters of the Minstrel and Taranto. "The Song of Groo" features the Ministrel entertaining townfolks with one of Groo's many misadventures in which he inadvertently succeeds in a task overseen by Taranto for which he was expected to fail, thus causing his king's overall plan to fail. As the townfolk laugh at the finale to the Minstrel's song, Groo shows up and is quite unhappy with how he is portrayed. The letter's page didn't have letters yet, so in its place is "50 Important Facts About Sergio Agagones".

  • 1st Marvel Comics/Epic Comics appearance of Groo, the Minstrel, and Taranto.
  • Master list of "50 Important Facts About Sergio Agagones".

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