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How to Glass for Trophy Animals - Wide World Maps & MORE! - DVD - Arizona Big Game Hunts - Wide World Maps & MORE!

Arizona Big Game Hunts

How to Glass for Trophy Animals

$ 34.95

Join world class glassing expert Duwane Adams as he and five of the most well known guides teach you how to find big bucks and bulls on public lands. This DVD-Video will actually show you trophy elk, mule deer and Coues deer on public land. Duwane finds these trophy animals at up to 1 and 2 miles away. Duwane discusses the techniques needed to find each animal.

  1. Arizona Big Game Hunts does all of their guiding on public lands. This DVD-Video will help the beginner as well as the veteran hunter.
  2. How to find 200 inch mule deer, 350 point bulls, and 100 inch Coues deer, all on public lands.
  3. How to find trophy game in their beds.
  4. How to look in the mornings and evenings. These times for glassing are very different.
  5. What glasses are best -- Very Important!
  6. Five world-renown guides are on this DVD-Video. Spend a day in the field with each guide and learn how they all do it and do it consistently.
  7. This DVD-video has actual footage of trophy elk, mule deer, and Coues deer and how to find them.
  8. 12 BC Coues deer, 2 P & Y Coues deer, 10 mule deer over 200 inches, and 7 bull elk over 370 each, all on public lands and all using glassing techniques.
  9. This DVD-Video is a must and will definitely help you.


  • Running time: 38 minute

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