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Illustrated Map of the Prehistoric World (Dino's Children's Laminated Illustrated Maps)

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Illustrated Map of the Prehistoric World (Dino's Children's Laminated Illustrated Maps)

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This is THE map of the prehistoric animals & plants (fauna & flora) from the oldest findings to the recent time. The continents of the Cretaceous period are shown on the map in the way they were 70 million years ago. In that time, the climate was warm & moist and the sea level was 100-200m higher than today. Because of that, great parts of the continents were immersed.

Next to each illustrated life form is its name, major grouping, feeding methods, period, & size. The illustrations are located where the flora & fauna fossil records are found. On the bottom left side of the map is an inset showing various fauna illustrations to scale with each other, for further clarification.

On the far left side of the map the Real Duration of Time Periods bar shows that 88% of the Earth's existance includes consolidation & development of the planet itself (Precambrian). In the rest of 12% of time the evolution of life has happened!

On the left side of the map the Time Chart is the view throughout the Earth's past that is divided into periods by major events of Earth's evolution. It shows names of periods, their duration, important events for all periods, & the positions of continents for most of the periods.

Illustrated Map of the Prehistoric World will provide children & all those who feel young at heart with a beautifully designed, educational, and playful map.

A lot of work, effort, & knowledge were put into this map. Experts in geography, history, biology, geology, paleontology, & zoology participated actively in creating a product of the highest possible quality, based on the latest referential literature. A lot of books were read before this map was finished, & hours and hours were spent searching the Internet & contacting the right experts.

One-side UV coated, one-sided paper wall map.
Size = 54" x 38"

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