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Ivory-Style The Great State of Texas Wall Map Dry Erase Laminated - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Map - Wide World Maps & MORE! - Wide World Maps & MORE!

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Ivory-Style The Great State of Texas Wall Map Dry Erase Laminated

$ 134.95

A large, full-color, ivory-style wall map of Texas, U.S.A. measuring 39" × 36". This CompArt Map is highly accurate and has an extraordinary antique feel, a result of the exquisite use of color and shading. More than just a map, a portrait of the Lone Star State, giving life to Texan geography from across the room, showing the Great Plains and the southern part of the Rocky Mountains spread through the Panhandle, and the Gulf Coast Plain run into the Gulf of Mexico. Cities and towns; points of interest, landmarks, museums, and amusement parks; state park with camping facilities; state parks without camping facilities; camping facilities; state wildlife properties and reserve areas; mountains, mesa, and peaks; and USA/Mexico international port of entries are visible at a closer distance. Printed on fine, featherweight paper; suitable for professional framing. A striking map, excellent for reference and decoration in homes, offices, lobbies, libraries, and classrooms.

The map is encapsulated in heavy-duty 1.6 mil laminate which makes the paper much more durable and resistant to the swelling and shrinking caused by changes in humidity. Laminated maps can be framed without the need for glass, so the frames can be much lighter and less expensive. Dry Erase Lamination is specialty laminate that allows for dry erase markers to be used on the finished print and erased as desired.


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