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Kings Canyon Death Valley (California)

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Kings Canyon Death Valley (California)

$ 39.95
This package conatins: one USGS Topographic Series CD with up to 300 USGS maps in both 1:24/25,000 (7.5 minute) and 1:100,000 scales for a specific state or region. And one Terrain Navigator software CD that Features: Elevation profiling with a "line of sight" tool Sophisticates search tools for finding bridges, radio towers, wetlands, summits, trails...and more. Lets you upload waypoints and routes to compatible GPS units, or download track logs and routes to your computer. Measure elevation, distance and areas Identify coordinates in Latitude/Longitude, UTM, and MGRS. Annotate maps with symbols, distances and text Print customized maps in color or black-and-white Export BMP and TIFF files into other applications. Requires windows 95,98 or NT. 488 CPU or higher; CD-ROM; 16MB of RAM, 256-color monitor; mouse or drawing equivalent. OT-E8UE-PU3O

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